Sunday, August 28, 2011

Por Que?!?!

Our AC broke yesterday. It was over 100 degrees today. Need I say more?

I don't remember the last time a day felt so long. It was early afternoon when I realized the AC wasn't working. Our home is generally cool, even during a heat wave. In fact, the only room that really gets hot is W's. Poor W. I remained calm, thinking it must be overheated and will just need a little break before working again. He went down for his nap okay even though he was hot. What a good baby :) But then hours went by, and the darn thing still was not working. Uh oh. Actually it was more like, oh shit. His room would be a furnace by nightfall. All this valley heat accumulates in the walls throughout the day and just festers until the next morning. Not good. Oddly enough, our neighbor was just telling me the day before how their AC had been dead for weeks. Those poor people, I thought. POOR US!! POOR W!!! You always hear on the news about babies and the elderly dying from heat waves. My mind was racing. My imagine got the best of me again and I kept checking the monitor to make sure he was still alive.

It was 7pm and time to go to sleep for my little man. He was soooo good. Even though it was so hot, he slept right away. I thought, "okay, it's going to be OK." I then heard all this banging and clanging outside. Turns out, my neighbors friend was visiting from out of town and he was trying to fix his AC for him. Why?? Because he was an AC repairman for 32 years!!!! Yeah!!!!
Thank you GOD! So I tell him that ours broke and he comes over and checks it out. I feel hope. Lots of hope. My baby won't melt in his sleep tonight. Phew!

But no. He did all he could but could determine what was wrong. You see, he was just here for a visit, so he didn't have any of the proper tools with him. He could only guess what wrong. Sigh. Thanks for trying. Truly, it was really kind of him to do that. He's one of those Harley-riding bikers with long hair and skull tattoos. Kinda talks like Leo from That 70's Show. Such a nice guy.

It was a rough night. W woke up around 10pm. His room was like an oven!! I almost screamed when I went in to get him. How could I do this to my baby!? We decided to open the windows and let the cool air circulate. Circulate it did not. He was so miserable and tired. His head was all wet with sweat! I could die just thinking about it. P went and got some ice and placed a fan in front of it to get the cold air in his room. He placed 2 air cleaners in his room and we had the ceiling fan going high speed. The heat won every time. We decided to sleep downstairs in his play area. All together, we lay down, crammed in on his little playmat, in front of an open window. Would he sleep like this? Between mommy and daddy? He did! He fell asleep on his tummy, legs tucked under him, tooshy in the air and finger in his mouth. I can't find words to describe how it felt to be so close to him while he was asleep. It was the first time I didn't think to grab my camera or cell phone. I didn't want to miss a second of this amazing moment. P and I were truly experiencing cuteness overload for sure!

It didn't last long and eventually he woke up, all sweaty and confused. Eventually the heat subsided and he was back in his crib. I think it was close to 3am by this time. We got a few very short hours of sleep again before it was time to start the day again.

The AC repairmen came and fixed our shitty circuit board. And yes, it was very expensive. Ugh. But you know what, it's midnight and my baby is nice and cool. That's all that matters.

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