Sunday, August 28, 2011

Say What?!

He said his first word!!!! What is it? It's okay. No, seriously. His first word was "okay." LOL! We had been skyping with a couple of friends and we kept saying "okay" before hanging up and all of a sudden, he said "oh-tey!" P and I were like...huh? So we kept saying it and he would repeat it! He's been saying "mama" and "umma." Especially when he's really hungry, he always says "umma." But I never taught him that so it doesn't count. I think all babies naturally same "mama" without meaning anything. I always joke that I gave birth to a FOB! Oh man, I can't tell you how exciting it is and how cute it sounds when he says it. He also knows how to say peacock. Well, okay...he doesn't say "peacock." It sounds more like "cock." LOL!!! But we know he means to say the whole word, he just doesn't know how yet. It's so funny!!

I feel like my baby has grown so much since his last doctor's visit a couple of months ago. He's almost an entire year old!! Where does the time go?! Somebody please answer this question!!

As you can see, he's still got his crazy hairs. Depending on what position he's slept in, it goes in all directions. I love when I go to kiss his head, all those crazy hairs tickle my nose. :) I especially love when he puts both his hands on his head and scratches his hair. It's not the same as the "I'm tired so I'm gonna pull my hair out" thing. He just raises his arms high and wiggles his fingers around in his hair. It's hilarious! Do you think he has dandruff? Do they sell baby Head n' Shoulders?

He's been copying us, too. When we do "dori dori," he totally does it. And then when he's in an especially playful mood, he'll look at you and do it first and then it becomes a "dori dori" battle!! Each time, he'll lean in closer and closer and shake his head harder and harder. People must think we're a weird head-shaking family. To that I say, yes we are. He give high-fives, lifts his arms when you say "airplane," and tilts his head to one side when you do. Just this past week, he started waving hello and sticking his tongue out when we do. The funniest thing is when he tries to force a laugh when we're laughing. It ends up sounding like a cough instead. He just wants to be included, I think. It's so weird to be able to converse with him in this way. We may not be talking world politics, but we're communicating!! This is awesome!! I can't wait until he understands when we say "I love you." I say it so often and it kills me that he has no clue how I feel.

The other day, he decided to crawl up the stairs. That's right. He can't walk yet, but problemo! I'm not too surprised because he really enjoys climbing onto his bouncer and playing giddyup. I guess he felt he was ready for Everest. I loved seeing the excitement and determination on his face. Baby ambition is a force to be reckon with. He pulls up to stand real well now, but he still has no desire to put one foot in front of the other. He just jumps up and down. I wonder if he spent too much time in the jumperoo. Oops.

I'm looking for good baby music because W is dancing now! Well, he's no Fred Astaire, obviously. But he sure likes to groove to music. Sometimes, he gets all gangsta and waves one hand in the air, bobbing his head up and down.

Lately, P and I have been sounding a broken record. We always knew that just by repeating yourself, babies will pick up on what you're saying. W knew Buggie's name long time ago. But I always it was because I was always yelling "Buggie!" But he listens and knows lots of words now. If I say "book," he goes crawling to his bookshelf. If I say, "beep beep," he looks at the car on his mobile. "Plop Plop" is fish. "Bzzzz" is his little felt bumble bee. He'll hoot for the owl and moo for the cow. So awesome. He knows "ball," "zebra," bath" and "goodnight." He doesn't like when I say "goodnight" because he knows he has to go to bed. Which leads me to a yucky development. Separation anxiety. It's awful. I knew this was coming but man, it's getting old already. I used to be able to leave him to play by himself for a long time. I was actually able to get things done. Not a ton of stuff, but it's better than now. I don't even have to be playing with him. He just wants me to be in his line of sight.

On the other hand, his stranger anxiety is subsiding. The last couple of times he saw his grandparents, he didn't cry. His grandma was so elated, she was dancing around all public. Hahaha! I'm sooo happy about this! He still has his shy moments, but for the most part, he just smiles and giggles when strangers talk to him. He especially loves old ladies. Can you say Cougar? Hahaha!!

Sometimes he just yells. REALLY. LOUD. Especially at the mall. Any mall will do. Even in a busy food court, he is the loudest thing in there! It's so great and I just sit there like a proud mama. I rather he yell than cry, so you go wit' yo' bad self, son! Mommy loves you :)

Sigh, I hope I didn't forget anything. I've been so busy with his birthday crafts, that I haven't been very good at documenting all his new abilities and quirks. I've been trying to videotape W more. First of all, he moves too quickly to take as many photos as I used to. Blur. Blur. Blur. Secondly, we have 3 video cameras and they're just collecting dust. Shame on us. Lastly, as much as I LOVE photographs and all that they provide in the scheme of life, nothing beats live footage. But don't tell the other shutterbugs I said that.

Talking to my other mommy friends, all the babies are starting to develop these cute personalities and I can't wait to get together with them again! I think we should just get a big bowl of popcorn and watch the comedy unfold.

I found him just chillin' by the bathroom, like he's waiting for the bus or something.

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