Saturday, August 13, 2011


OC Fair.... oh, how I love thee. We almost missed it this year. I can't really explain what I love about it. I hate crowds and the summer heat. But when it comes to the OC Fair, I'll suck it up because it's a tradition. I have so many memories from that place that I go just for nostalgic reasons. P and I have been going every year since 1999. We did miss one year for reasons I can't remember. But that was the only time!! I even went last year when I was 8 months pregnant!! My feet ache just thinking about it. I spent the entire time in line for the restroom. One time, the line was so long that I had to use the men's room. So. Gross.

We usually go at night, when it's much cooler. Of course, with W, that's not really possible. It was fun, nonetheless. He was such a good little boy, taking in all the fair had to offer. He even got his silhouette done!
Cute, right?! She was quick with the scissors and quite talented, too. W was moving around like crazy looking at all the people walking by. I love his double chin!

I know he won't remember any of this, but hopefully one day he'll appreciate how excited we were to continue this fun tradition with the newest member of our family. Being a parent now, I am constantly reminiscing about my own childhood and what memories stand out in my mind. Both my parents worked (and STILL work) very hard and long hours. There wasn't time for the typical kid stuff like after school sports and clubs. I remember taking ballet classes at night! And even that didn't last very long. I do remember going camping quite a bit. Pitch a tent? No problem! I can't wait to make W his first s'mores!

In line to get tickets. He looks excited, no?

You can see all of W's crazy hairs. I guess he takes after me. They grow in every direction. I LOVE it!

Is your mama a lama? Sorry, had to say it. I bet he's, that's a huge doggie!

Look, it's Bambi! I don't like that movie cuz the mother dies. Boo.

This goat got a little too close to W. I think he wanted to nibble on my baby's meaty arms and legs.

Here's Uncle C, unable to resists those ample cheeks.

You know where those fingers are going, right?

Straight into W's mouth!!

You are like this little chickie, cute and soft.


I'm not sure what Uncle C did, but W in some sort of a trance. He was just calmly laying in his arms, staring up at him. I think it was the goatee.

Don't worry, we didn't forget to take the required photobooth pictures.

Next year, W will get to enjoy some of the fine cuisine that the fair has to offer. Maybe not fried KoolAid, but I know he's gonna love the corn!

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