Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bug Needs Love Thursday

Bug needs lots of love. Especially these days. We're not sure what happened, but he's acting a little gimpy lately. Perhaps he overdid himself on a recent hike. Or maybe the slippery stairs are finally taking its toll on him. Who knows...but regardless, our little Buggie isn't a happy dog right now. :(

Poor guy is so neglected that he's even willing to get stepped on by W while he's jumping in the jumperoo. Any means of touch will do, I guess.

Maybe he'll pet me this time. I should do something cute.

Look! I'm flying upside down!!

Hey!! He's petting me!!! Finally!! He's...


Bug-tipping is fun :)

This new home is great for us, but it's missing one thing that made Bug really happy. A view to the outside world. There are no cars or people visible from the one window he can look out of and it's terribly boring for him. No sun-bathing lizards or squirrels to bark at. No people walking their dogs. Nothing. The only time he ever barks is when our neighbors come home. And even that, I think he's getting to. Oh I can't forget about the flies. We got plenty of them! Buggie is pro at NOT catching them but we let him go crazy as a means of exercise.

Get em' boy!

We're not complaining about this major decrease in barkage, of course. Not at all. But it sure would be nice if there were something about W that was entertaining to Bug. So far, W is only interested in grabbing Buggie's legs and his shiny dog tag. No petting just yet. Sigh. Poor Bug.

Remember how I said there would be "before and after" shots of the home? I didn't forget. We're just not done unpacking and remodeling yet. Not sure we ever will be. LOL!

Can I just take a moment and talk about how much I'm loving our home? It may not be big or new or fancy...but who cares! It's cute, cozy and it's ours and we're finally free!!! The privacy, oh the privacy! There isn't a day that goes by where I don't thank God for that. I've never lived alone my entire 30 + years until now. P doesn't count because I don't have anything to hide from him.

But the truth of the matter is, I'm a very private person. I don't like people going through my stuff, poking around. I didn't even like it when my mom did it. What business is it of hers? I know I give off that bartender impression, where you can tell me or do anything, as if I'd seen it all before. And for the most part, you can. But stay away from my stuff. I had a friend go through my purse once. I almost punched her. If I wanted the contents of my purse made public, I'd have carried one of those tacky plastic, see-through bags that Coach tried to make popular once. Fashion fail. No. Keep your hands on your lap and your wandering eyes on the television, thank you. And we won't have a problem.

Right now, I'm wondering how to protect all my belongings from W. He's already tearing through anything he can get his hands on. He broke my phone the other day(it's okay now). It was my fault for letting him play with it, but still! And he loves LOVES books! I do, too! Only he loves chewing on them and folding the pages. A big no-no to a book lover like moi. How can I teach him that books are luxury items to be handled with the utmost respect? Too early? I think not.

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