Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boy, oh boy!

You can't blame us for being surprised. Numerous people have told us, it was going to be a girl. They had dreams of spoons and big silver fish, afterall! Spoon means girl, right? I was so sick in the first trimester which according to pregnancy mythology mean you're having a girl. Even according to the Great Ovulation Calendar, we should be having a girl. My mom said that the way I've been has to be a girl. I even had names picked out!!! (Not any that P was crazy about, but I had a few more months to change his mind). Even a couple of weeks ago, when the sonographer told us she could see the poker , I didn't believe her. I couldn't see it, therefore it isn't so. It could've been umbilical cord, for Pete's sake!

But she was right! Here it is...our baby boy!!!! It hasn't been easy getting this picture, he's an active little guy.

See, normally the baby's legs are like this. Hiding his little weewee.

But finally!! He flashed us!! If you can't read a sonogram, the rump is the top with the two thighs going down. The little penis is right in the middle, pointing down.

*To our son, I know it's not cool that I'm shamelessly showing your penis to the world. But it's better I do it now this way rather than you do it yourself later!!


  1. OMG congrats..!! how exciting now you guys know !!!..i'm hoping for a girl and i'm thinking it's a girl for all the same reasons you mentioned..but even if it's not a girl..i think i'll be okay as long as the baby is healthy..did you have a doctors appointment ? or you figured this out on your own? next doctors visit is on the 3rd..we hope we find out the gender then..and it'll def help us pick out the name. :)

  2. I scanned myself :) @ work. I kept checking and checking and finally got to see the gender for myself. Let me know when you find out!!! I can't wait!!!

  3. I'm gonna have a girl so, we can be in-laws! hahahahaha =P

  4. are you swimming in your maternity swimsuit?..i should go get one at target as well..and start swimming...i don't want my baby to be lazy and sleepy like me ..gotta get active so i could have a happy healthy baby!! :)

  5. i'm so happy for you sandy!!!

  6. Thanks Kathy!! I think everyone's happier than me right now. I just feel so dang bloated, among other things. Help me.