Friday, April 23, 2010

Bug Love Friday

I know animals are supposed to have extra sensory capabilities about their environment and any major changes that are about to take place. But I'm not too sure Bug has this ability. He hasn't barked to warn us of any earthquakes so far. Although I am grateful that he tells us when anyone is at our front door. See, our doorbell hasn't worked since 1999. And most people forget to knock. So, in that way, Bug is very helpful.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he hasn't noticed we're about to have a new addition to our clan. He still pounces on my tummy every chance he gets. And when I rub my belly and talk to Baby, he just puts his head on my lap and asks..."Are you gonna rub ME anytime soon?" So what if our little Buggie is a mildly self-centered. We still love him anyway. He is our firstborn after all.

BTW, I know my belly looks huge in this picture. But I'm arching my back!! Really!

1 comment:

  1. tahts a cute pic of buggie..and i was about to say your tummy is def bigger than mine!! jealous!!..but yeah i think if i sit like that..mine will probably be bigger than yours..i feel the same way about my cat misty..i love her so much ..and hope she'll love our baby and won't try to sit on the baby with her chubby booty when it comes.. :)