Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do you have this in my size?

Lookie!! Baby's first item of clothing! M & P bought us our first baby gift, an adorable little onesie from Gymboree. I'm going to take tons of pictures of Baby in this, so that one day when he's all grown up and angry with me for whatever reason, I can show him this and say, "See. You loved me at one time." Teehee. Thank you M & P!!! You guys are so sweet. :)

When I hold it up, it seems so small and harmless. But when I think about the baby inside of me fitting into it, it's hard to fathom something that BIG will be living in my belly!! Yikes!!


  1. that is adorable!..and so sweet!!..

  2. Gemma had a onesie from Gymboree that said 'I love mommy' as well. I guess it's a must have for all babies.^^