Friday, June 14, 2013

Sea? Food? What's that?!

My in-laws are like any other Koreans of their generation when it comes to cuisine.  They LOVE seafood!  So for my MILs birthday and for Mother's Day,  we decided to try something new and meet up for some fresh seafood by the coast.  After some help from the good folks on FB, we set out destination for San Pedro.  Ports O'Call to be exact.  They have a bunch of restaurants all bunched together.  The menus are almost identical so you really just have to gamble.  They even have a free bus that takes you from port to port.  It was actually really nice there and W had a blast with his grandparents.  N was chill as ever, of course.  I think we'll be hanging out there again before the year's end.

Finally something to distract W from his Leap Pad!
Which fish should I pick?

Even with the rubber bands, I'm still afraid of these things.

Hammi and Habi!  Now I can have some fun!!!

This smile.  

I think he's having fun, don't you?

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