Friday, June 14, 2013


We have memberships to a bunch of different places.  The Aquarium is one of them and it's a great place to go if we just want to kill a couple of hours and have W nap in the car.  His new obsession?  The jellyfish.  Boy does he love the jellyfish.  And I loooove the way he imitates them with his mouth!!!  He hasn't really taken to the sea otters like I thought he would, but that's probably because those guys are always sleeping when we go.

He could stand there forever.  Admittedly, they are mesmerizing.

W loves all things that go round and round.  Including a school of fish!

Hi shrimp.  I eat you for lunch.  NOT!

Come here, sting ray!


LOL!!  I think the ray scared him.

Look at how he's standing!  Such a big boy now.

I love this picture.  W is smiling as ordered, but N is clearly thinking WTF is that lady wearing?

My fav.  My babies.

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  1. how is it possible that nicky looks like a big brother in some of these photos..i think its his face