Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not So Little Brother

The question I get the most.  How old is he?  They don't believe he's only 6 months.  The second most asked question.  Is he as big as W was at this age?  I admit I asked this one myself.  Well, it turns out that he IS bigger!!!  In fact, he's off the chart! Don't look at me, the kid wouldn't even eat solids until now.  He retains fat well.  Must take after me.  He's been sleeping well, and we just dropped one night feeding so he's officially sleeping about 12 hours.  Good baby.  I didn't even have to wean him off the night feedings like I did with W.  We just let him cry a little and then he got the message.  Awesome, right?  He's still a chill pickle most of the time and now that W's in school, it's much easier to get around.  He'll sleep in the stroller and that allows for a lot for flexibility in our lives.  He wakes up happy and doesn't fuss for food unless he's really hungry.  In a way, I kind of admire my little chubster. He's more patient and tolerant than I am.  He doesn't complain much at all and he picks his battles.  He's already a much better person than I am and I love that about him.   And with W in school part time, I can give our little baby some much needed one on one time.  This poor guy has been more neglected than I'd like to admit.  Perhaps God intended him to be so good so that we could tend to big brothers' needs.   

I'm trying to enjoy every bit N because he's my last baby.  We're done.  Pregnancy is like a slow death for me and it makes it hard on everyone around me so we won't be expanding our family anymore.  Not with humans anyway.  I foresee lots of pets in the future.  I would like a third child.  Three just seems like a nice number of kids.  But unless we win the lotto and hire a surrogate, we're going to remain a family of four.  

Of course, being a little wiser helps.  I can spend more time enjoying N instead of worrying and fretting about it.  Like I said, he's a different baby than W was so he makes it easier.  I wonder if one day he'll flip the switch and decide to be difficult.  Let's not think about it unless we have to cross that bridge.  

No teeth yet.  Though he drools quite a bit.  And all of us girls just discovered that all our babies have 2 swirls on the back of their heads!!! What are the chances?!  According to Korean superstition, it means they will marry twice in their lifetime.  Not a good thing...but hey, it doesn't have to be a bad thing either, right?  He's not much of a thumb sucker like his brother.  He chomps on his hands from time to time...but he pretty much just soothes himself without it.  I don't know what goes in that little head of his.  He's so mysterious to me.  I'm so used to W wearing his emotions on his sleeve that N just baffles the heck out of me.  LOL!

I'm looking forward to the next few months.  This is when it gets really fun.  I can't wait until he can sit up on his own.  That is the best!  Though his big belly is kind of an obstacle so I suspect it won't be happening for a while.  I'll be really honest and say that I'm a little concerned about how big he is.  I thought W was big, and he was!  But since he turned 2, he's really thinned out and looks quite skinny now.  But I also remember W having a hard time with turning over, sitting up, crawling, standing...all that because he was such a heavy baby.  I mean, who wants to be laying there all day when they could be going places?  No one.  Another thing... I'm old.  I'm waaaayyy old.  I had a hard enough time carrying W around waiting for him to 15 months!!!  I can't even fathom how hard it's going to be with N.  Please God, give him the strength and determination to walk much earlier than that.  Please. Please. Please!!

I couldn't get the slideshow to embed so ....  lots of photos this time.  He's cute, so it's okay. 

I love the way infants sleep.  I could stare at him for hours.

Marshmallow hands.

So yummy.

For some reason, N always spits up on this onesie.  Gotta a photo before it happened.

Sharing the spotlight.

Why couldn't he nurse with this ferocity?

Poker face.

Joker face.

Gotta get some nudy shots in here.


Priceless conversation.

Birthmark and fat.  

Jaws, remember?

Smile for mommy.


That's better.


  1. I love how chill he is! Reminds me so much of Blake as an infant minus the weight. Haha

  2. these photos!!..